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An introduction to HWGG

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

The Hafod Walled Gardening Group or H.W.G.G. began in October 2018 when a

group of Hafod estate residents met to discuss the possibility of forming a group to

take over the recently vacated Hafod walled garden tenancy. Subsequent meetings

produced a ‘Not for Profit Community Interest Company’ comprising of six directors,

who were able to commit to not only the legal and financial responsibilities but also

with a passion and interest in the direction and hoped for outcomes of the project. Armed with the knowledge that the garden had once provided the Hafod mansion with fruit, vegetables and flowers, work began with the preparation of garden beds and glasshouses and hours of seed sowing.

By the end of May, the group’s perseverance paid off as they were able to set up a stall in the Flower Garden at the Foxglove Fair with their first produce of the year. Malcolm Berry is one of the directors and with his wealth of growing experience, acting guide for the

group. Malcolm explains the ‘Nature-first’ approach which is central to the group’s working method ... “It is our view that the natural balance of pests and their predators, known as ‘dynamic stability’, can be established by creating the right conditions for the many to flourish. Diversity creates diversity, so the

more varied the habitat that can be accommodated, the greater the range of species that can be supported – both plant and animal. To this end, we will retain and improve existing key habitats and add others that are not currently present, such as a pond. The diversity theme also applies to the crops, which we grow in beds that also includes ornamental plants or fruit bushes. Mixing crops together like this makes each one less of a target for pests to home in on, plus there’s less chance of disease wiping out the entire crop.”

Self-sufficiency, the continued restoration and development of the garden, education and the local community are high on the group’s agenda. However, funds have to be found for the project and potential financial avenues such as the raising and selling of trees grown from local seed stock, seeking grant funding, sponsorship and donations are being explored. H.W.G.G. are also keen to bring more people into this exciting and inspiring project. If you are interested in becoming a member or as a volunteer or a Friend of H.W.G.G. please contact: or through ‘Hafod Walled Garden Group’ on Facebook.

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